Green is not only the color of the United Colors of Benetton brand. It is a philosophy that has permeated the culture of Benetton Group for decades, when discussions on sustainable development were just starting to take place.
Now that the consequences of global warming are evident in our daily lives, environmental protection has become an absolute priority. Our commitment is 360°, from the selection of sustainable raw materials to the reduction of the environmental impact of our activities along the entire production chain, with a view to developing virtuous processes increasingly targeting a circular economy.

Thanks to the use of reusable metal baskets, Benetton Group saves over 1300 tons of cardboard every year, corresponding to approximately 20 000 trees. In addition, for the purpose of fully exploiting batch size, we use boxes of different heights.
In 2019 a team was established dedicated to the analysis of alternative solutions to plastic packaging. The objective is to identify an eco-sustainable alternative to the polybag packaging used to protect United Colors of Benetton items as they move along the supply chain, during production. The options considered include paper, recycled plastic and compostable plastic. In 2019, Benetton India replaced over three and a half million plastic bags, of all sizes, with bioplastic ones composed of a biodegradable resin of organic origin.

The success of Benetton Group is based on continuous experimentation with materials, design, processes and finishes. It all began more than fifty years ago, when Luciano and Giuliana Benetton produced a wool sweater in yellow instead of the neutral colors that were customary at the time. This approach continued over the decades, with innovations that progressively improved our products, even the apparently simplest ones.
Today, that journey is reflected in a series of projects and initiatives involving the introduction into our collections of yarns, treatments, concepts and aesthetic solutions that enable our brands to create a bridge to the future.

Dignity, freedom, equality. Right to work and to education. Protection of vulnerable groups such as women, children, indigenous peoples, refugees and migrants, and LGTBQI+ people. Benetton Group has always believed in a society based on respect for human rights, without any exception.

The Company states this firmly in its social campaigns and does it every day at the workplace – from the initiatives implemented in its offices around the world to supplier selection – for the purpose of ensuring equal treatment and respect for diversity: from skin color to gender, from sexual orientation to political and religious opinions.